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Earth as seen from the International Space Station (ISS)

Sprint 9.9.21

  • STRIVES Form Validation: Corrected a bug with the Third Party Content field validation to allow Legal approvers to make a correction to the field and proceed with making updates.
  • STRIVES Form Alerts: Corrected a bug that was not displaying the STRIVES form alert text.
  • STRIVES Help: Enhanced the STRIVES Help by enlarging the questionmark icons and making the color darker.
  • Supplementary Identifiers: Added the TechPort ID as a selection in the Supplementary Identifiers section.
  • STRIVES Form: Added additioal space between the STI Title and STI Abstract fields.
  • STRIVES Default View: Added the functionality to retain sort/filter preference selectiosns for STRIVES default views (Views, Quick Filters, Resubmitted, Non-Compliant, Sort order of columns).