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Earth as seen from the International Space Station (ISS)

Sprint 2.10.22

  • Document Dissemination: Corrected a bug that was not retaining the dissemination for documents attached to a STRIVES record.
  • External Source Records: Corrected an issue that prevented records from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) from being properly ingested into STRIVES.
  • STRIVES Portals: Added a column to indicate the NASA center responsible for STRIVES submissions to the NF-1676 and Curation portals.
  • STRIVES Portals: Enhanced the NF-1676, Reporting, and Curation portals to have the headers remain fixed.
  • Approvers Tab: Enhanced the Approvers tab to have the Submitter name and email remain fixed.
  • Workflows: Created a workflow to allow external submissions to fulfill NASA’s Public Access Policy launch requirements.
  • STRIVES Portals: UI/UX enhancement to NASA portals to include a gray row as a contrast for the visually impaired.