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Earth as seen from the International Space Station (ISS)

For STI Publishers and Authors

What is STI?

STI (scientific and technical information) is defined as a paper, abstract, journal article, presentation, etc. that contains and delivers the results (the analyses of the data, facts, and resulting conclusions) of basic and applied scientific, technical and related engineering research and development.

The following links provide resources for publishers of STI to assist with technical writing and completion of the submission form:

NASA STI SharePoint Site launch (For internal NASA users Only) To access information on publishing your research through the NF-1676 process including a direct link to the Scientific, Technical and Research Information discoVEry System (STRIVES).

Public Access All NASA-funded authors and co-authors (both civil servant and non-civil servant) are required to deposit copies of peer-reviewed scientific publications and associated data into NASA’s publication repository called PubSpace.

NASA Programs and Directorates A resource list for researchers to help identify key contacts relating to specific areas of interest.

NASA Scope and Subject Category Guide launch A scheme of 76 subject categories that permits high-level subject classification of scientific and technical information. It provides scope notes, listing of subtopics, cross references and an index of nearly 3,000 research topics of particular interest to NASA linked to the appropriate subject categories.

NASA Thesaurus Contains the authorized NASA subject terms used to index and retrieve materials in the STI Repository (NTRS). The scope of this controlled vocabulary includes not only aerospace engineering, but all supporting areas of engineering and physics, the natural space sciences (astronomy, astrophysics, and planetary science), Earth sciences, and the biological sciences. The NASA Thesaurus contains over 18,400 subject terms, 4,300 definitions, and more than 4,500 USE cross references.

Writing Resources and Style Guides Contains the Agency-preferred style guide and additional desk references for technical and scientific writing.