NASA Scope and Subject Category Guide

The NASA Scope and Subject Category Guide is a ready-reference tool to assist authors, indexers, and information managers in the high-level subject classification of technical aerospace materials. In addition, the guide can serve as an aid to searching in databases that use the NASA category scheme, for example, the NASA Aeronautics and Space Database and the NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS). Finally, for those information managers tasked with compiling collections of aerospace materials, this resource can be used as a guide in the selection of appropriate materials.

The guide comprises a 2-level subject classification scheme consisting of 10 broad subject divisions further divided into 76 specific subject categories. The scope of the scheme is comprehensive in that it covers not only areas of aerospace technology and the natural space sciences, but also supporting areas of engineering, physics, chemistry, and the Earth and life sciences. A more specific treatment is given to those areas that are most pertinent to aerospace research.

The display for each subject category provides: (1) the category name and corresponding number, (2) a description of the scope of the category including cross references, and (3) a general indication of the relevance of certain topics to NASA activities and aerospace research in general. In addition, each category display includes a listing of ‘Input Subjects of Specific Interest.’ In all, there are nearly 3,000 input subjects, which are presented as a browsable index to further support the identification of appropriate subject categories.

Comments on the content, organization, or features of this guide are invited. Contact the NASA STI Information Desk.


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