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Earth as seen from the International Space Station (ISS)



Recipients receiving Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) awards shall comply with the provisions set forth in the NASA Plan for Increasing Access to the Results of Scientific Research including the responsibility for—

  • Submitting as approved peer-reviewed manuscripts and metadata to a designate repository: and
  • Reporting publications with the annual and final progress reports.

All awards shall include a Data Management Plan (DMP) or an explanation as to why one is not necessary given the nature of the work proposed. The DMP shall be submitted by responding to the NSPIRES cover page question about the DMP (limited to 4000 characters). Any research project in which a DMP is not necessary shall provide an explanation in the DMP block.

Example explanations

  • This is a development effort for flight technology that will not generate any data that my entity can release, so a DMP is not necessary;
  • The data that our entity will generate will be ITAR; or
  • Explain why the proposed project is not going to generate data.

The proposal type that requires a DMP is described in the NASA Plan for Increasing Access to the Results of Scientific Research.

The DMP shall contain the following elements, as appropriate to the project

  • A description of data types, volume, formats, and (where relevant) standards;
  • A description of the schedule for data archiving and sharing;
  • A description of the intended repositories for archived data, including mechanisms for public access and distribution;
  • A discussion of how the plan enables long-term preservation of data; and
  • A discussion of roles and responsibilities of team members in accomplishing the DMP. (If funds are required for data management activities, these shall be included in the budget and budget justification sections of the proposal.).

Proposers that include a plan to archive data shall allocate suitable time for this task. Unless otherwise stated, this requirement supersedes the data sharing plan included in the NASA Guidebook for Proposers.

In addition, as part of an award term and conditions, researchers submitting NASA-funded articles in peer-reviewed journals or papers from conferences now shall make their work accessible to the public.

In addition, EPSCoR publishes the research results in the Stimuli document. A link to Stimuli is at